August22Scheme - Intro (algebra)EoPL 1.1, slidesHW 1Solution
 27From algebra to SchemeslidesHW 2Solution
 29How to design programs in Schemeslides, code, EoPL 1.2, HtDP  
September3Using define-datatypecode, EoPL 2.2  
 5Lexical scopeslides, code, EoPL 1.3 sortofHW 3Solution
 10Environment-Passing Interpretersslides, code, EoPL 3.1-3.4  
 12Proceduresslides, codeHW 4Solution
 17Local Proceduresslides, code, EoPL 3.5  
 19Recursionslides, code, EoPL 3.6HW 5Solution
 24Recursion, Environments, Compilersslides, code, EoPL 3.6  
 26Lexical Addresses and Compilationslides, mid-term, code, EoPL 1.3  
October1Mid-Term 1   
 3Fall Break   
 8Assignmentslides, code, EoPL 3.7HW 6Solution
 10Call-by-value, -reference, -name, -needslides, a, b, c, d, EoPL 3.8  
 15Typesslides, EoPL 4.1-4.2  
 17Type checking and inferenceslides, check, infer, EoPL 4.2, 4.4HW 7Solution
 22Inference and polymorphismslides  
 24Datatypes and Checkingslides, codeHW 8Solution, ML
 29Objects and Classesslides, code, EoPL 5.1-5.4.1  
 31Implementing objectsslides, a, b, EoPL 5.4.1-5.4.4  
November5Classes and typesslides, mid-term, code, EoPL 6.1-6.2  
 7Mid-Term 2   
 12Classes review, typing, and compilingslides, code, EoPL 6.3HW 9Solution
 14Compiling classescodeHW 10 
 19Continuationsslides, code, EoPL 7.1  
 21Exceptions, threads, and let/ccslides, code, threads, EoPL 7.4-7.5HW 11Solution
 26Garbage Collectionslides, codeHW 12Solution
December3Interpreters from Scratchslides,code  
 5Final reviewnotes  

Final Exam  Monday, December 9, 10:30-12:30