August24Intro to SchemeScheme Tutorial (.ps), Ch. 1-4HW 1Solution
 29Recursion, BNFEoPL 1.1-1.2, lecture examples  
 31Lexical scopeEoPL 1.3, How to Design Programs, lecture examplesHW 2Solution
September5define-datatype, ASTsEoPL 1.3-2.2, lecture examples  
 7Abstraction, environmentsEoPL 2.3, lecture examplesHW 3Solution
 12HW3lecture examples  
 14Datatypes (take 2)lecture examplesNone 
 19Mid-Term 1   
 21Environment-Passing Interpters, SLLGENEoPL 3.1, lecture examplesHW 4 
 26conditionals, local binding, procedures introEoPL 3.2-3.4, lecture examples  
 28ProceduresEoPL 3.5, lecture examplesHW 5Solution
October3RecursionEoPL 3.6, lecture examplesHW 6Solution
 10Letrec recap, intro to assignmentEoPL 3.6, 3.7, lecture examples  
 12AssignmentEoPL 3.7, slides (pdf) (4-up), lecture examplesHW 7Solution
 17Call-by-referenceEoPL 3.8, slides (pdf) (4-up), lecture examples  
 19Call-by-name, -needEoPL 3.8, slides (pdf) (4-up), lecture examplesHW 8(pdf) (4-up)
 26TypesEoPL 7.1-7.2, slides (pdf) (4-up), lecture examplesHW 9 
 31Type inferenceEoPL 7.4, MT 2, slides (pdf) (4-up), lecture examples  
November2Mid-Term 2   
 7Objects and ClassesEoPL 6.1-6.3, slides (pdf) (4-up), lecture examples  
 9Simple implementation, flat objectsEoPL 6.4.1-2, slides (pdf) (4-up)HW 10 
 14More object refinements, TypesEoPL 6.4.3-4, 8, slides (pdf) (4-up), lecture examples  
 16CompilationEoPL 8.3, slides (pdf) (4-up), lecture examplesHW 11 
 21ContinunationsEoPL 4, slides (pdf) (4-up), lecture examples  
 28Garbage Collectionslides (pdf) (4-up), lecture examples  
 30Formal semanticsslides (pdf) (4-up)HW 12Solution
December5Mixinsslides (pdf) (4-up), Classes and Mixins  
 7Final ReviewReview  

Final Exam: Friday, December 15, 9:15-11:15 AM