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CS 6520  Functional Programming: Practice and Semantics
Spring 2004MWF 2:00-2:50, EMCB 110
Instructor: Matthew FlattOffice Hours: by appointment, MEB 3122

This course is about functional programming. The official name of the course is Programming Language Semantics, but this year's offering will emphasize programming skills over formal semantics.

Course Notes
Programming Languages and Lambda Calculi
For the semantics portion of the course
Mailing List
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Jan 12:slides/4-up
Jan 14:slides/4-up, HW
Jan 16:slides/4-up, HW
Jan 21:slides/4-up, HW
Jan 23:finished previous slides, HW
Jan 26-30:weather code
Feb 2:notes Ch 5, HW
Feb 4:notes Ch 5-6, HW, iswim.ss, red-sem.plt (needed for iswim.ss and other machines)
Feb 6:notes Ch 7, cc.ss, scc.ss, ck.ss
Feb 9:notes Ch 8
Feb 11-18:servlets, HW
Feb 20:Bazaar demo, rules, interface
Feb 23:notes Ch 11-12
Feb 25:notes Ch 13
Feb 27:notes Ch 14-15
Mar 1-3:Bazaar code
Mar 5-8:π-calculus, HW
Mar 10-12Bazaar code
Mar 15-19Spring Break
Mar 22-24Bazaar code
Mar 26:notes Ch 19
Mar 29:notes Ch 18, HW: exercise 18.1 (page 160)
Mar 31:Contract intro
Apr 2Grad Visit
Apr 5:Contracts model
Apr 9:Project descriptions
Apr 12:Monads
Apr 14:Concurrent ML
Apr 16:Project reports
Apr 19:rx.ss
Apr 21:Compiling an interpreter
Apr 23:Project reports
Apr 26:Scheme macros

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