CS 5963/6963 - Computational Geometry (3 Credits)

Instructor: Ross T. Whitaker
Time: 10:45--12:05 P.M Tues. & Thurs.
Place: EMCB 120
Text: Coputational Geometry: Alogorithms and Applications M. de Berg, M. van Krevald, M. Overmars and O. Schwartzkopf, Springer 1997/2000


Background in design and analysis of algorithms or Instructor's permission. Seniors are encouraged to take this course.


Computational geometry is the development and analysis of algorithms for solving geometric problems on a computer. The field of computational geometry provides a foundation for solving a wide range of practical problems in a variety fields such as graphics, computer-aided design, computer vision, robotics, databases, and pattern recognition. This course provides an introduction to the field of computational geometry that relies on a basic familiarity with computer programming, data structures, and algorithms. Topics include intersection, searching, proximity, triangulation, closest-point sets, and convex hulls. The course will combine a strong theoretical understanding with applications and implementational aspects of these problems.


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