CS 2010 Schedule and Homework

Your Handins and Grades/Solutions

WAug 20Computing, exprs, and defnsCh 1-3syllabus, slides/4upHW 1, FAQ, yours/solution 
 lab using DrSchemeplan  
FAug 22Lecture cancelled   
MAug 25Design recipeCh 2slides/4up, code  
WAug 27Conditionals and posnCh 4-6slides/4up, codeHW 2, FAQ, yours/solution 
 lab conditional and posnsplan  
FAug 29StructuresCh 6slides/4up, code  
MSept 1Labor Day   
WSept 3Mixing structuresCh 7slides/4up, codeHW 3, FAQ, yours/solution 
 lab structuresplan  
FSept 5More structuresCh 7slides/4up  
MSept 8Syntax and semanticsIM 1slides/4up  
WSept 10ListsCh 9slides/4up, codeHW 4, FAQ, yours/solution 
 lab listsplan  
FSept 12More listsCh 10, IM 2slides/4up, code  
MSept 15Lists, natural numbersCh 11, Ch 17slides/4up, code, MT 1  
WSept 17TreesCh 14slides/4up, codeHW 5, FAQ, yours/solution 
 lab treesplan  
FSept 19Mutual recursionCh 15slides/4up, code  
MSept 22Mid-Term 1   
WSept 24Iterative refinementCh 16codeHW 6, FAQ, yours/solution 
 lab drawingplan  
FSept 26Local defnsIM 3slides/4up  
MSept 29Functions as valuesCh 19-20slides/4up, code  
WOct 1AbstractionCh 21slides/4upHW 7, FAQ, yours/solution 
 lab fall break   
FOct 3Fall Break   
MOct 6Anonymous functionsCh 22-23, IM 4slides/4up, code  
WOct 8Generative recursionCh 25-28slides/4upHW 8, FAQ, yours/solution 
 lab abstractionplan  
FOct 10Cost of computingIM 5slides/4up  
MOct 13More examples like HW 8HW 8, slides/4up  
WOct 15AccumulatorsCh 30-32slides/4upHW 9, FAQ, yours/solution 
 lab accumulatorsplan  
FOct 17StateCh 34-35slides/4up, code, new-gui.ss  
MOct 20Design with memoryCh 36-37, IM 7slides/4up  
WOct 22HW 10-11, parsing, substitutionslides/4upHW 10, FAQ, yours/solution 
 lab stateplan  
FOct 24Encapsulation, mutable vectorsCh 39-43slides/4up  
MOct 27I/O and representationsslides/4up, code  
WOct 29Building a web serverslides/4up, codeHW 11, FAQ, yours/solution 
 lab i/oplan  
FOct 31Review for MT 2, Java introHtDCHslides/4up, code, MT 2  
MNov 3Java data definitionsslides/4up, code  
WNov 5Mid Term 2 no homework 
 lab javaplan  
FNov 7...   
MNov 10Java methodsslides/4up, code  
WNov 12Methods for variantsslides/4up, codeHW 12, FAQ, yours/solution 
 lab methodsplan  
FNov 14Locals, iterative refinementslides/4up, code  
MNov 17Subclassingslides/4up, code, profj2.plt  
WNov 19Contracts, casts, and interfacesslides/4up, codeHW 13, FAQ, yours/solution 
 lab ooplan  
FNov 21Function abstraction, stateslides/4up, code  
MNov 24Loopsslides/4up  
WNov 26Java in the largeslides/4upno homework 
 lab thanksgiving   
FNov 28Thanksgiving   
MDec 1Reviewslides/4up  
WDec 3Reviewfinal  

Final Exam  Monday, December 8, 1:00-3:00