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Introduction to Scientific Programming
Computational Problem Solving Using:
Mathematica and C
Maple and C

Joseph L. Zachary
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Mathematica/C Online Resources

This page contains links to online educational resources designed for use with the Mathematica/C version of Introduction to Scientific Programming by Joseph L. Zachary.


The diskette that is included with the textbook includes a Mathematica notebook for each chapter that contains Mathematica code, the custom Mathematica library that is exploited in the book, and the complete implementation of every C program that appears in the book. The Mathematica material is formatted for both Mathematica 2.2 and Mathematica 3.0.

You can

Upgraded Mathematica Libraries

We have upgraded the Mathematica libraries contained on the diskette to support some of the Mathematica notebooks described in the next section. If you use those notebooks, you will need to obtain new versions of the libraries. You can

Tutorial Material

A suite of laboratory materials is being developed to accompany the text, including HTML-based tutorials enhanced with Java applets and Mathematica notebooks. The tutorials can be used with any Java-capable Web browser; the notebooks are available for use with both Mathematica 2.2 and 3.0. Check this page frequently. During the latter part of 1997 and the early part of 1998, new laboratory materials will appear regularly. The entries that appear below without links indicate places where work on laboratory materials is in progress.
  1. Computational Science

  2. Population Density: Computational Properties of Numbers

  3. Eratosthenes: Significant Digits and Interval Arithmetic

  4. Stairway to Heaven: Accumulation of Roundoff Error

  5. Kitty Hawk: Programmer-Defined Functions

  6. Baby Boom: Symbolic Computation

  7. Ballistic Trajectories: Scientific Visualization

  8. The Battle for Leyte Gulf: Symbolic Mathematics

  9. Old MacDonald's Cow: Procedural Programming

  10. Introduction to C

  11. Robotic Weightlifting: Straight-Line Programs

  12. Sliding Blocks: Conditionals and Functions

  13. Rod Stacking: Designing with Functions

  14. Newton's Beam: Repetition

  15. Corrugated Sheets: Multiple-File Programs

  16. Harmonic Oscillation: Structures and Abstract Datatypes

  17. Heat Transfer in a Rod: Arrays

  18. Visualizing Heat Transfer: Arrays as Parameters

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