Zhengyang Liu (he/him)


I am a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Computing, University of Utah, where I am fortunate to be advised by John Regehr. I work on making software run fast on new architectures. I created the Minotaur superoptimizer.

I was the recipient of the Best Paper Awards of CGO'20 and PPOPP'21, and the Distinguished Paper Awards of OOPSLA'20 and PLDI'21.



  1. Minotaur: A SIMD Oriented Superoptimizer.
    Z. Liu, S. Mada and J. Regehr, in submission. [arxiv]
  2. Alive2: Bounded Translation Validation for LLVM.
    N. P. Lopes, J. Lee, C-Kil. Hur, Z. Liu and J. Regehr. PLDI'21. [paper]
    Recipient of Distinguished Paper Award
  3. Synthesizing Optimal Collective Algorithms.
    Z. Liu*, Z. Cai*, S.Maleki, M. Musuvathi, T. Mytkowicz, J. Nelson and O. Saarikivi. PPoPP'21. [paper] [talk]
    * Equally Contributed
    Recipient of Best Paper Award
  4. Dataflow-based Pruning for Speeding up Superoptimization.
    M. Mukherjee, P. Kant, Z. Liu and J. Regehr. OOPSLA'20. [paper]
    Recipient of Distinguished Paper Award
  5. Testing Static Analyses for Precision and Soundness.
    J. Taneja, Z. Liu and J. Regehr. CGO'20. [paper]
    Recipient of Best Paper Award
  6. Reconciling High-level Optimizations and Low-level Code in LLVM.
    J. Lee, C-Kil. Hur, R. Jung, Z. Liu, J. Regehr, and N. P. Lopes. OOPSLA'18. [paper]
  7. Flexible and Efficient Memory Object Metadata.
    Z. Liu and J. Criswell. ISMM'18. [paper]

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