Li, Feifei

Feifei Li

Formerly Professor at SoC, Now at Alibaba Cloud, ACM Fellow, IEEE Fellow

50 S. Central Campus Drive
School of Computing, University of Utah
Salt Lake City UT 84112

Email: lifeifei AT cs DOT utah DOT edu

Phone:(801)585-6673 (O), Fax: (801)581-5843

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I currently lead the database team at Alibaba/Alibaba Cloud. I was a Professor in the School of Computing at University of Utah. I obtained my Ph.D in computer science from the Computer Science Department at Boston University in summer 2007, and was an Assitant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Florida State University from Aug 2007 to Aug 2011. A more detailed version about myself is here []. I was a member of the Data Group at Utah.

Database Systems and Data Driven Science

Research Interests

Database/big data systems and large-scale data management, systems, and analytics. Security issues in data management and systems. Machine learning methods for systems and data analytics. My PhD thesis is about query and data security issues in the data outsourcing model.


Recent Publications

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Professional Services

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I am grateful and blessed to work with the following great students:
Yanqing Peng (PhD Student), Google PhD Fellow
Yuwei Wang MS Student)
Guineng Zheng PhD Student)

Graduated Students

Zhuoyue Zhao (PhD Student, First employment, Assistant Professor, State University of New York at Buffalo), Google PhD Fellow
Zhao Chang (PhD Student, First employment: Assistant Professor, Xidian University)
Dong Xie (PhD Student, MSR PhD Fellow, First employment: Assistant Professor, CSE@Penn State University)
Debjyoti Paul (PhD Student, First employment: Facebook Research)
Min Du (PhD student, First employment: Research fellow at UC Berkely)
Neeka Embrahimi (Master student, First employment: Facebook)
Richie Frost (Master student, First employment: Microsoft)
Ya Gao (Master student, First employment: Alibaba)
Jason Vuong (BS/MS studen, First employment: startup)
Yuwei Wang (Master student, First employment: PhD student at the UofU)
Dyllon Gagnier (BS student, First employment: Goldman Sachs)
Madeline Macdonald (BS student, Microsoft)
Robert Christensen (Master student, First employment: Visa Research)
Jiyuan Li (Master Student, First employment: Amazon)
Kilari Murali Krishna Teja (Master Student, First employment: Finicity)
Xin Yu (Master Student, First employment: PhD student at the UofU)
Rui Dai (Master student, First employment: Airbnb)
Jonathan Dunstan (Master Student, First employment: Maverik)
Elijah Grubb (BS student)
Jun Tang (Master student, First employment: Google)
Yupeng Zhang (Master student, First employment: Amazon)
Oscar Marshall (BS/MS student, First employment: startup)
Mengyang Wang (Master student, First employment: Microsoft)
Klemen Simonic (Master student, First employment: Facebook)
Natalee Ann Villa (Master student, First employment: Adobe)
Yi Li (Undergraduate student, First employment: graduate student at BU)
Limou Wang (Master student, Turn, Yahoo, now at Amazon)
Fei Luo (Master student, Fuhu)
Mingwang Tang (PhD student, now at Uber)
Bin Yao (PhD student, First employment: assistant professor, Computer Science Department, Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Wangchao Le (PhD student, First employment: Microsoft)
Jeffrey Jestes (PhD student, First employment: Cerner)
Chi Zhang (PhD student, Current employment: Walmat Lab)
Cody Hansen (Master student, First employment: Disney Interactive, Now at Google)
Chengxu Ding (Master student, First employment: Epic)
Limou Wang (Master student, First employment: Turn, Now at Amazon)
Namita Mahtta (Master Student, First employment: Goldman Sachs)
Quinton Williams (Master student)
Daniel Gomez (Master student by project, First employment: Raytheon)
Kun Hou (Master student, First employment: Teradata)
Vanessa Cedeno (Master student by project, First employment: professor at ESPOL, Ecuador)
Diming Lu (Master student by project)
Wendy Lynne Chidester (Undergraduate student)
Justin DeBrabant (Undergraduate student, First employment: PhD student in Brown University)
Steven Burgart (Undergraduate student, DoD)


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