Ladislav's Former Projects

Information Refinery

An industrial database application of DeltaX Systems. Its main function is to automatically gather, normalize and categorize articles from various resources, including the World Wide Web. Together with my friend from Empyreum, I developed the core functionality of this system.

Simulation of Fencing in Virtual Reality

An application simulating fencing of two users. It runs on a Win32 platform, using OpenGL for rendering and DirectX for control of force-feedback devices (not mandatory). Multiple players are supported either by a secondary input device (joystick) or using other PC connected via LAN.

Download a videclip (DivX 5.1), which demonstrates the basic features of the application and several duels.

Text of the thesis explains the implementation, our novel skinning algorithm, physically based modelling of weapon collision, static and dynamic collision detection etc.

Complete distribution contains the program itself, source code and text of the thesis.


Computer version of a popular desk game. The main feature is that the computer players can be programmed in our own functional language V--. Besides the graphical interface and multiplayer support, the program parses and executes V-- scripts. See the project Expres distribution (Czech only).


One of my very early programs (mainly games):


Rules of our Live Action Role Playing game Satrh (PDF) (Czech only, bit dated)