Erik Brunvand

Associate Professor
Computer Science Department
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

My Dissertation:

o Erik Brunvand, "Translating Concurrent Communicating Programs into Asynchronous Circuits," Ph.D. Dissertation, Carnegie Mellon University, 1991 (Available as Technical Report CMU-CS-91-198).

For ease of downloading, and so that you can look at only the sections that you're interested in, I've split this up into chapters. Note that the page numbers are slightly off in Chapter 5 for obscure reasons, but all the content is there! These are all Postscript files:
oTitle page (from the tech report version)

o Abstract, Table of contents, and Chapter One: Introduction

o Chapter Two: Background and Related Work

oChapter Three: Source Language

oChapter Four: Target Circuit Structure

oChapter Five: Compilation Method

oChapter Six: An Automatic Compiler

oChapter Seven: Evaluation and Comparison

oChapter Eight: Conclusions


oAppendix A: Circuits

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