Teaching History

I have developed two courses at the University of Utah, which I teach on regular basis. Both are interdisciplinary in nature. The robot motion planning course is part of the joint CS-ME Robotics track. Every year I have several students who find this course to be very beneficial to their MS or PhD projects and I encourage students to come with a research problem of interest. The virtual reality course has been enjoyed by students from CS, ECE, and EE and teaches a variety of useful techniques in simulation, animation, and HCI as well as the core VR focus.

I am currently developing a programming course for engineers which is aimed at aiding students planning to take interdisciplinary robotics track courses and to give experience in using external packages to accomplish research and production oriented tasks.

Fall 2011: Motion Planning and Programming for Engineers

Spring 2011: Virtual Reality and Explorations in CS

Fall 2010: Motion Planning and Explorations in CS

Spring 2009: Virtual Reality

Fall 2008: Geometric Computation for Motion Planning
Spring 2008: Virtual Reality

Fall 2007: Geometric Computation for Motion Planning
Spring 2007: Virtual Reality

Fall 2006: Geometric Computation for Motion Planning