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14 Plot🔗

 (require mrlib/plot) package: gui-lib
The mrlib/plot library provides a simple tool for plotting data values to a device context.

This is an old library, kept only for compatibility. You will undoubtedly want to use the plot library instead, which offers many more features and is actively maintained.


(struct data-set (points connected? pen min-x max-x min-y max-y)
    #:extra-constructor-name make-data-set)
  points : (listof (is-a?/c point%))
  connected? : any/c
  pen : (is-a?/c pen%)
  min-x : real?
  max-x : real?
  min-y : real?
  max-y : real?
The points field contains the data values to plot, and connected? indicates whether the points are connected by a line. The pen field provides a pen for plotting points/lines. The remaining fields determine the plotting area within a drawing context.


(struct plot-setup (axis-label-font
    #:extra-constructor-name make-plot-setup)
  axis-label-font : (is-a?/c font%)
  axis-number-font : (is-a?/c font%)
  axis-pen : (is-a?/c pen)
  grid? : any/c
  grid-pen : (is-a?/c pen)
  x-axis-marking : (listof real?)
  y-axis-marking : (listof real?)
  x-axis-label : string?
  y-axis-label : string?
Configures a plot. The grid? field determines whether to draw a grid at axis markings, and the x-axis-marking and y-axis-marking lists supply locations for marks on each axis. The other fields are self-explanatory.


(plot dc data setup)  void?

  dc : (is-a?/c dc<%>)
  data : (listof data-set?)
  setup : plot-setup?
Draws the data-sets in data into the given dc. Uses drawing-context coordinates in data-sets that will accommodate all of the data sets.