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10 Include Bitmap🔗

The include-bitmap form takes a filename containing a bitmap and “inlines” the bitmap into the program.

Historically, the advantage of inlining the bitmap is that a stand-alone executable can be created that contains the bitmap and does not refer to the original image file. The define-runtime-path form, however, now provides a better alternative.


(include-bitmap path-spec)

(include-bitmap path-spec type-expr)

The path-spec is the same as for include form. The type-expr should produce 'unknown, 'unknown/mask, etc., as for bitmap%, and the default is 'unknown/mask.


(include-bitmap/relative-to source path-spec)

(include-bitmap/relative-to source path-spec [type-expr])
Analogous to include-at/relative-to, though only a source is needed (no context).