1.16  Parcheesi Board Game🔗

To play Parcheesi, run the PLT Games program. (Under Unix, it’s called plt-games).

Parcheesi is a race game for four players. The goal is for each player to move their pieces from the starting position (the circles in the corners) to the home square (in the center of the board), passing a nearly complete loop around the board in the counter-clockwise direction and then heads up towards the main row. For example, the green player enters from the bottom right, travels around the board on the light blue squares, passing each of the corners, until it reaches the middle of the bottom of the board, where it turns off the light blue squares and heads into the central region.

On each turn, the player rolls two dice and advances the pawn, based on the die rolls. Typically the players may move a pawn for each die. The pawn moves by the number of pips showing on the die and all of the dice must be used to complete a turn.

There are some exceptions, however:

These rules induce a number of unexpected corner cases, but the GUI only lets you make legal moves. Watch the space along the bottom of the board for reasons why a move is illegal or why you have not used all of your die rolls.

The automated players are: