1.11  Paint By Numbers Logic Game🔗

To play Paint By Numbers, run the PLT Games program. (Under Unix, it’s called plt-games).

The object of Paint By Numbers is to discover which cells should be colored blue and which should be colored white. Initially, all squares are grey, indicating that the correct colors are not known. The lists of numbers to the left and above the grid are your clues to the correct color of each square. Each list of numbers specifies the pattern of blue squares in the row beside it or the column below it. Each number indicates the length of a group of blue squares. For example, if the list of numbers beside the first row is 2 3 then you know that there is a contiguous block of two blue squares followed by a contiguous block of three blue squares with at least one white square between them. The label does not tell you where the blue squares are, only their shapes. The trick is to gather as much information as you can about each row, and then use that information to determine more about each column. Eventually you should be able to fill in the entire puzzle.

Click on a square to toggle it between blue and gray. Hold down a modifier key (shift, command, meta, or alt depending on the platform) to toggle a square between white and gray. The third button under unix and the right button under windows also toggles between white and gray.

For some puzzles, hints are available. Choose the Nongram|Show Mistakes menu item to receive the hints. This will turn all incorrectly colored squares red.

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