3.2 Preferences
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3.2.1 Font
3.2.2 Colors
3.2.3 Editing
3.2.4 Warnings
3.2.5 General
3.2.6 Profiling
3.2.7 Browser
3.2.8 Tools

3.2 Preferences🔗

The preferences dialog consists of several panels.

3.2.1 Font🔗

This panel controls the main font used by DrRacket.

3.2.2 Colors🔗

The Colors panel has several sub-panels that let you configure the colors that DrRacket uses for the editor background, for highlighting matching parentheses, for the syntax coloring for Racket and Java modes, for Check Syntax, and for the colors of the text in the interactions window.

It also has two buttons, White on Black and Black on White, which set a number of defaults for the color preferences and change a few other aspects of DrRacket’s behavior to make DrRacket’s colors look nicer for those two modes.

3.2.3 Editing🔗

The Editing panel consists of several sub-panels:

3.2.4 Warnings🔗
3.2.5 General🔗
3.2.6 Profiling🔗

This preference panel configures the profiling report. The band of color shows the range of colors that profiled functions take on. Colors near the right are used for code that is not invoked often and colors on the right are used for code that is invoked often.

If you are interested in more detail at the low end, choose the Square root check box. If you are interested in more detail at the upper end, choose the Square check box.

3.2.7 Browser🔗

This preferences panel allows you to configure your HTTP proxy. Contact your system administrator for details.

3.2.8 Tools🔗

This preference panel allows you to configure the currently active plugins.