3.1 Menus
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3.1.1 File
3.1.2 Edit
3.1.3 View
3.1.4 Language
3.1.5 Racket
3.1.6 Insert
3.1.7 Windows
3.1.8 Help

3.1 Menus🔗

3.1.1 File🔗
3.1.2 Edit🔗

All Edit menu items operate on either the definitions or interactions window, depending on the location of the selection or blinking caret. Each window maintains its own Undo and Redo history.

3.1.3 View🔗

One each of the following show/hide pairs of menu items appears at any time.

Note: whenever a program is run, the interactions window is made visible if it is hidden.

3.1.4 Language🔗

In addition to the above items, a menu item for each teachpack that clears only the corresponding teachpack.

3.1.5 Racket🔗
3.1.6 Insert🔗
3.1.7 Windows🔗

Additionally, after the above menu items, this menu contains an entry for each window in DrRacket. Selecting a menu item brings the corresponding window to the front.

3.1.8 Help🔗