Miriah Meyer, PhD 2010 ([dissertation], homepage)

Dynamic Particles for Adaptive Sampling of Implicit Surfaces


Mesh Meneration


High-Quality Mesh Generation Using Dynamic Particles

Method for constructing high-quality isosurface triangulations of volumetric scalar fields using a particle system.
related material: [vis07]


Meshing Multiple Material Volumes

Strategy for meshing multimaterial volumes that explicitly samples corners, edges, and surfaces of material intersections.
related material: [vis08] [mrt08] [software]

Dynamic Darticle Systems


Sampling Surfaces with Particles

Robust and controllable method for adaptive sampling of implicit surfaces.
related material: [smi05] [dissertation]


Visualizating High-Order Finite Elements

Particle system approach to visualizing isosurfaces embedded in high-order finite element data sets.
related material: [tvcg07]