I've been lucky enough to receive funding from many sources in my research career. In the list below, the amounts mentioned are the total for each project: my share is a portion of it.

Source Title Start End Amount Role
Mozilla Foundation Responsible Problem Solving: Focusing on the societal consequences of design choices in data structures and algorithms 2019/05 2020/07 $150,000 (Utah/Haverford/Brown) PI
LinkedIn Gaining access to hard-to-reach and disadvantaged populations via controlled interventions in the economic graph 2017/11 2019/03 Data access PI
Ethics and Governance of AI Fund FATML Organization 2017/10 2018/09 $226,611 co-PI
NSF BIGDATA: Algorithmic Fairness: A Systemic and Foundational Treatment of Nondiscriminatory Data Mining 2016/07 2019/06 $1,200,000 PI
DARPA A4V: Automated Analysis of Algorithmic Attack Vulnerabilities 2015/04 2018/03 $1,272,856 co-PI
NSF BIGDATA: From Data to Users: Providing Interpretable & Verifiable Explanations in Data Mining 2013/09 2017/08 $500,000 PI
NSF NeTS: KnowOps - Making Network Management and Operations Software Defined 2013/10 2018/09 $1,140,748 co-PI
Knight Foundation Is your data biased? 2016/01 2016/09 $35,000 co-PI
NSF AF: Synopsis Data Structures for Data Analysis in Shape Spaces 2011/07 2015/06 $347,716 PI
NSF CPS: Enabling and Advancing Human and Probabilistic Context Awareness for Smart Facilities and Elder Care 2010/07 2014/06 $1,044,103 co-PI
NSF CAREER: Geometric Algorithms For Data Analysis In Spaces Of Distributions 2010/02 2016/01 $505,081 PI
Google Streamed Learning for NLP 2009/09 2010/08 $55,000 co-PI
University of Utah Scalable, Accurate and Efficient Data Analysis for Medical Imaging 2008/08 2009/07 $35,000 PI
NSF SGER: Scalable Shape Analysis in Non-Euclidean Spaces with Provable Guarantees 2009/09 2010/08 $49,868 PI
NSF Workshop on Computational Geometry and Visualization 2005/10 2006/05 $7,000 PI