CS6450 Distributed Systems

Course Calendar

This is a tentative schedule of lectures and due dates. Content for future dates may change.
(done before class)
Further Reading
Tue Aug 21 Introduction Lab 1 Assigned MapReduce
Thu Aug 23 Networking, RPC, Concurrency Do the Online Go Tutorial
Lab Setup Due
van Steen §4.1-4.2; §8.3
Tue Aug 28 NFS
Arpaci-Dusseau OSTEP
van Steen §2.4.1; §7.5 Note 7.9
Thu Aug 30 Replication: Primary/Backup
VM Replication
van Steen §7.5 (Remote-write protocols)
Tue Sep 4 Time, Clocks, Synchronization Time, Clocks
van Steen §6.1-6.2
Thu Sep 6 More Time and Clocks
Tue Sep 11 2PC, Safety, Liveness Lab 1 Due van Steen §8.5
Thu Sep 13 Consensus+SMR: Paxos Paxos Made Simple
Watch Paxos Video
van Steen §8.1-8.2
Tue Sep 18 Consensus/Leader Election: Raft Raft
Watch Raft Video
Thu Sep 20 Lab and Final Report Organization Lab 2 Assigned
Tue Sep 25 Byzantine Fault-Tolerance PBFT
van Steen §8.2
Thu Sep 27 No class Partners and Paper Selection for Final Project Due 9/30
Tue Oct 2 No class
Thu Oct 4 Strong Consistency and CAP Lab 2a Due RIFL Section 2
Tue Oct 9 No class - Fall Break
Tue Oct 11 No class - Fall Break
Tue Oct 16 DHTs: Chord
Lab 3 Assigned
van Steen §5.2 and §2.3
Thu Oct 18 EC: Dynamo Bayou
Tue Oct 23 Franklin through 3.2
Thu Oct 25 Concurrency Control and
Lab 2b Due Fri 10/26
Tue Oct 30 Recovery and OCC Discussion with Paired Final Reading Due Spanner
Thu Nov 1 MVCC
Tue Nov 6 In-class Presentations
Thu Nov 8 In-class Presentations
Tue Nov 13 In-class Presentations Lab 2c Due
Thu Nov 15 In-class Presentations
Tue Nov 20 Distributed Transactions Spanner
Thu Nov 22 No class - Thanksgiving Break
Tue Nov 27 Spark Final Reading Report Due Spark
Thu Nov 29 Kernel Bypass Networking and Dataplanes Tail at Scale
Attack of the Killer μs
Tue Dec 4 RDMA RDMA Reads
Scaling Memcache (we may or may not have time to get to this one)
Thu Dec 6 Bitcoin Bitcoin
Bitcoin-NG (we may or may not have time to get to this one, but interesting and easy to read)
Mon Dec 10 Final exam period, 3:30 – 5:30 PM
(No exam, no meeting)
Lab 3 Due