Shikai Fang (方榯楷)

Ph.D. Student in Computer Science
Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute
School of Computing, University of Utah
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About Me

I am on job market now! I'm open for research positions in both academy and industry!

I am a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate, coadvised by Prof. Mike Kirby and Prof. Shandian Zhe in both SCI Institute and School of Computing, University of Utah.
I received my B.S. in both Statistics and Computer Science(as double degree) from School of the gifted young(少年班学院), University of Science and Technology of China(USTC) in 2018, and Master of in Computer Science from Temple University in 2019. I also spent time at ISTBI of Fudan University to play with computational neuroscience.

My research interests include but are not limited to Bayesian machine learning, Tesnor learning, Sparse learning , Streaming & Sequence inference and Physical-infomed machine learning(ODE/PDE/SDE/physical-prior + AI models, which is the cricial part of AI4Science ).

On the application side, I've been involved in several research and start-up projects on AI + medical/bio scenarios. I own two first-author patents in AIDD (AI for Drug Discover), which contribute as core patents for a start-up that has raised over $10M+. Another first-author patent in AI-based fast-clinical-diagnosis for prostate cancer is in process of application.

I also have quite experiences of AI-based quantitative trading/pricing strategy development during the internship/competition in top hedge fund and investment bank( Morgan Stanley, World Quant and UBS etc. ). Although I'm not with such hungry and sharpness required for a top trader, the efficient feedback-loop from the real market is so attractive to me.

I am a dedicated writer to introduce Bayesion machine learning(in Chinese) with more than 10000 followers on Zhihu (知乎) — Chinese Quora. See my Zhihu page.
I am also a half-professional nature photographer,but on the highway to be full-professional :). See my photos at 500px page .

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Roadmap of my research



Shikai Fang, Qingsong Wen, Yingtao Luo, Shandian Zhe, Liang Sun, "BayOTIDE: Bayesian Online Multivariate Time series Imputation with functional decomposition"[arxiv]

Zheng Wang, Shibo Li,Shikai Fang, Shandian Zhe, "Diffusion-Generative Multi-Fidelity Learning for Physical Simulation"[arxiv]


(*: Equal contribution)

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1. Tao Yang, Shikai Fang, Shibo Li, Yulan Wang, and Qingyao Ai, “ Analysis of Multivariate Scoring Functions for Automatic Unbiased Learning to Rank ”, Proceedings of the 29th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management(CIKM 2020)[PDF][Video]

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