CS 5962-001 - Advanced OS - spring 2014

T,H / 9:10 AM - 10:30 AM WEB 1248

Instructor: John Regehr

Prereqs: a decent grade in CS 5460 and a strong desire to learn more
about how operating systems really work

This course will have a simple format: most class time will be spent
reading and discussing operating system kernel code. For example, we
might spend a week or two understanding fork()/exec() in detail, and
another couple of weeks looking at the TCP/IP stack. I won't be doing
a lot of lecturing. Outside of class, we'll write and modify some
kernel code. Much of the code that we look at will come from Linux but
there are some other interesting systems out there for which code is
available, such as the Xen hypervisor.

This course won't use a textbook.

If you want to enroll, send me a mail telling me your grade from CS
5460 and indicating that you have read this description.