Spring 2023 Classes

CS 1030: Foundations of Computer Science

Introduction to the fundamental concepts of computer science. Students learn problem-solving skills, as well as study, simulate, and visualize the inner workings of a simple computer.

CS 4011: Professional Development

This course prepares students for the process of entering the software developer job market. Students will practice technical and non-technical job interview scenarios, learn to build a resume and portfolio, and navigate the landscape of job advertisements with specific career goals in mind. Students will research compensation expectations in order to prepare for salary negotiations.

Fall 2022 Classes

CS 1410: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

This course builds on the programming skills learned in CS 1400, while introducing the paradigm of object-oriented programming.

CS 6961: Teaching Computer Science in Higher Education

Special topics course for preparing students to teach basic computer science concepts at a university level, with a focus on how to effectively teach undergraduates.