miriah meyer

Associate Professor
School of Computing
University of Utah

Visualization Design Lab

Warnock Engineering Building
72 S. Central Campus Dr, Rm 4887
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
miriah (at) cs (dot) utah (dot) edu

keynotes and distinguished lectures

Things That Poems Taught Me About Visualization
Austrian Academy of Sciences Digital Humanities Lecture Series, January 2019
IEEE VIS Workshop on Visualization for the Digital Humanities Keynote, October 2018
video: [aas]

Designing Effective Visualizations
NetSci Conference Keynote, May 2018
Computer Science Department Distinguished Lecture Series, Colorado State University, April 2018

Just A Tool, Or A Science? The Role Of Visualization In Discovery
BioVis Keynote, July 2017

Designing Visualizations
International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation Keynote, August 2015
Strata Conference Keynote, October 2014
Rocky Mountain CUWiP Conference Keynote, January 2014
Design Research Conference, IIT Institute of Design Keynote, October 2012
Arts | Humanities | Complex Networks Symposium Keynote, June 2012
video: [strata] [drc]

Visualizing Data: Why an (Interactive) Picture is Worth 1000 Numbers
Park City Institute Lecture Series, August 2013
CI-WATER Symposium Keynote, May 2013
Women’s History Month Keynote, Westminster College, March 2013
Gould Distinguished Lecture, University of Utah, September 2012
video: [gould]

invited talks

Impact Through Visualization
S-H-O-W Conference, April 2021 (virtual)
rstudio::conf, January 2020
video: [rstudio]

Research Through Visualization Design Study
University of Washington, January 2021 (virtual)
Simon Fraser University, January 2021 (virtual)
Ohio State University, September 2020 (virtual)
University of Utah, October 2019
University of Colorado, Boulder, October 2019
St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, April 2019
University of Stuttgart, February 2019
Johannes Kepler University Linz, January 2019
Linköping University, November 2018

Data Vis Primer
Data Science Summer School, University of Zurich, June 2019
Data Science Summer School, University of Vienna, September 2018
National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, February 2018
video: [nasem]

Designing Effective Visualizations
TU Wien, September 2018
VRVis, September 2018
University of Vienna, September 2018
SLC R Users Group, June 2018
Goldman Sachs, June 2018
OpenVis Conference, May 2018
VelocityConf, October 2017
City, University of London, October 2017

Air Quality and U: Empowering Citizens Through Science
Tech Talk Series, Salt Lake City, November 2017 (with Kerry Kelly)
Park City March For Science, April 2017
Air Quality: Science for Solutions Conference, March 2017

Rigorously Designing Effective Visualizations
Gordon Research Conference, August 2017

Designing Visualizations
Women in Data Science, February 2017
Domo, August 2016
Goldman Sachs, July 2016
Computational Modeling in Biology Network, September 2015
Salt Lake City Data Science Meet-up, August 2015
University of Chicago, May 2015
University of Oregon, April 2015
AAAS, February 2015
LucidCharts, January 2015
Brigham Young University, December 2013
Utah State University, November 2013
Institute for Systems Biology, September 2013
Allen Institute for Brain Science, September 2013
Harvard, April 2013
KAUST, December 2012
University of Michigan, November 2012
Stanford University, October 2012
video: [wids]

Going Beyond the Numbers
Utah Digital Government Summit, June 2016

Why Vis Is(n't) HCI
University of British Columbia, February 2016

What Designers and Data Scientists Can Learn from Each Other (with Danyel Fisher)
Strata Conference, February 2015

Seeing Data
PopTech!, October 2013
video: [poptech]

Science Visualization
TED, February 2013

Interfacing With Scientists
Visualizing the Planet, MSR Cambridge, April 2012

Extending Data Visualization to Biology
EmTech Conference, October 2011
video: [tr35]

Visualizing Biological Data
Biomedical Informatics, University of Utah, April 2012
Human Genetics Interest Group, University of Utah, November 2011
Brigham Young University, October 2011
WPI, April 2011
University of Utah, April 2011
UC Santa Barbara, April 2011
University of Washington, March 2011
SocialSphere, March 2011
Duke University, March 2011
University of Chicago, March 2011
Johns Hopkins University, March 2011
MIT, March 2011
Desire2Learn, March 2011
University of Edinburgh, February 2011
Vanderbilt University, February 2011
University of Miami, February 2011
Agilent Labs, February 2011
Battelle Center for Mathematical Medicine, January 2011
Clemson University, October 2010
Jackson Labs, August 2010
IBM, June 2010
video: [uw]

Information Visualization for Scientific Discovery
Harvard Graduate School of Design, March 2011
TEDxWaterloo, March 2011
video: [tedx]

Pathline: A Tool for Exploring Biological Data in the Context of Molecular Networks
Connecting the Dots Network Visualization Symposium, October 2010

Visual Representation of Science for Communication and Research (with Bang Wong)
MIT, July 2010
European Bioinformatics Institute, June 2010

Developing Visualizations: From Algorithms to Design Studies
Brown University, February 2010
Kitware, January 2010

Developing Visualizations with Biologists
Harvard Graduate School of Design, December 2009
Institute of Systems Biology, July 2009
UMass Lowell, June 2009

Visualization and Interaction: Enabling Efficient Data Exploration
Harvard Medical School, April 2009

New Advances in Raycasting and Meshing
Massachusetts General Hospital, November 2008

Particle Systems for Efficient and Accurate High-Order Finite Element Visualization
International Conference On Spectral and High Order Methods (ICOSAHOM07), June 2007
University of Utah, March 2007

Dynamic Particles for Adaptively Sampling Surfaces
University of Bonn, May 2007
University of Kaiserslautern, May 2007
Harvard University, April 2007
video: [kais]

conference presentations

Criteria for Rigor in Visualization Design Study
IEEE VIS, 2019

Design in Data Visualization: Making Sense Of, and From a Messy Design Process
Qualitative Research Symposium, 2019

MulteeSum: A Tool for Comparative Spatial and Temporal Gene Expression Data
IEEE InfoVis, 2010
video: [infovis]

Pathline: A Tool For Comparative Functional Genomics
Eurographics/IEEE EuroVis, 2010

MizBee: A Multiscale Synteny Browser
IEEE InfoVis, 2009

Particle-based Sampling and Meshing of Surfaces in Multimaterial Volumes
IEEE Vis, 2008

Volume MLS Ray Casting
IEEE Vis, 2008

Topology, Accuracy, and Quality of Isosurface Meshes Using Dynamic Particles
IEEE Vis, 2007

Robust Particle Systems for Curvature Dependent Sampling of Implicit Surfaces
International Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications (SMI), 2005

other presentations

Tutorial: Making Data Visual (with Danyel Fisher)
Strata 2018

Panel: Reflection on Reflection in Design Studies

Panel: Work-life balance in grad school
Vis Seminar, University of Utah, Spring 2013

Workshop: Why evaluate? (with Michael Gleicher and Michael Sedlmair)
Workshop on BEyond time and errors: novel evaLuation methods for Information Visualization (BELIV), IEEE VisWeek 2012.

Workshop: Problem-Driven Visualization Research
Dagstuhl Seminar on Scientific Visualization, June 2011

Tutorial: Visualization of Large-Scale Biological Data (with Nils Gehlenborg)
BioIT-World Conference and Expo, April 2011

Workshop: Contributions, Methods, and Unique Characteristics of Design Studies
Workshop on the Role of Theory in Information Visualization, IEEE VisWeek, 2010

Panel: The Computing Innovation Fellow (CIFellows) Program
CRA Chairs Conference at Snowbird, 2010

Panel: New Faculty Members and Postdoctoral Fellows Spill the Beans
IEEE VisWeek, 2009