a space-time expression tool

To run MulteeSum, you will need to download and install two free pixel fonts from the pf-tempesta-7 family: the pf_tempesta_seven.tiff and the pf_tempesta_seven_bold.tff.

The download of MulteeSum contains executables for MacOSX, Windows, and Linux, the source code, as well as example data. Currently, only data for the D.melanogaster species is released here. Other species will be released soon pending publication of our collaborators' work. MulteeSum was developed using the Processing programming language.

To change the data loaded into the tool, modify the config.txt file found in the same directory as the executable. The tool has been tested on MacOSX 10.6.


You can create summaries in Matlab using some starter code, which includes a function for reading in an embryo file, and three examples of summary-creation functions.