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CS 7963  Practical Functional Programming
Spring 2005MWF 10:45-11:35; MW: MEB 3105; F: MEB 3147 (LCR)
Instructor: Matthew FlattOffice Hours: by appointment, MEB 3122

This course is about functional programming, emphasizing programming skills for functional languages and techniques.

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Jan 10:How to design programs; slides
Jan 12:How to design programs; slides; HW 1
Jan 14:How to design programs; Gobblet; HW 2
Jan 17:Holiday
Jan 19:Function abstraction; slides
Jan 21-Feb 2:Gobblet presentations
Feb 4:Continuation-passing style; cps.ss
Feb 7:Initial GUI presentations
Feb 9:Functional drawing; Slideshow paper software & examples
Feb 11:More GUI presentations
Feb 14:Concurrent ML; refs
Feb 16:GUI conclusions; notes
Feb 18:Compiling an interpreter
Feb 21:Holiday
Feb 23:Project descriptions
Feb 25:Class cancelled
Feb 28:Macros
Mar 2-4:Project reports
Mar 7:Purely functional data structures; queue.ml
Mar 9:FP, OOP, and the extensibility problem
Mar 11:Project reports
Mar 14-18:Spring break
Mar 21:Contracts
Mar 23:Continuations; explore.ss; server.ss
Mar 25-28:Project reports
Mar 30:Monads
Apr 1:Class cancelled
Apr 4:Types and inference
Apr 6-8:Project reports
Apr 11:Server project planning
Apr 13:Class cancelled
Apr 15:Tail calls and space safety; Proper Tail Recursion and Space Efficiency, Compiling with Continuations
Apr 18-20:Server project reports
Apr 22:Modules, components, and language extension; macros and phases
Apr 25:Course summary (instructor)
Apr 27:Final project reports and course summary (students)

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