CS 6520 Schedule

The schedule is tentative, and the course notes are sometimes updated.

DateTopicExtra NotesHomework
Jan 6Sets, relations, and languagescode, how to runCourse notes: exercises 1.x
Jan 8Class cancelled  
Jan 10Class cancelled  
Jan 13Structural induction Course notes: exercises 2.1-2.3
Jan 15Diamond property Course notes: exercises 2.4, 2.6
Lambda calculus
Jan 17Lambda calculusGordonCourse notes: exercises 4.1-4.2
Jan 20Holiday  
Jan 22Church numerals Course notes: exercises 4.4, 4.5, 4.9, 4.10
Jan 24Recursion Course notes: exercises 4.13-4.14
Jan 27ISWIM Course notes: exercises 5.1-5.2
Jan 29Observational equivalencelc.ss, iswim.ssCourse notes: exercises 5.6
Jan 31Standard reduction Course notes: exercises 6.1-6.2
Machines, and modelling realistic languages
Feb 3CC Course notes: exercises 7.1
Feb 5Implementing CCTeach Yourself SchemeCourse notes: exercises 6.1, CC
Feb 7SCC, CKscc.scmCK
Feb 12SECD, tail recusion none
Feb 14Continuations Course notes: exercises 8.3-8.5
Feb 17Holiday  
Feb 19Continuation-passing stylenotesNotes: exercise 3.1
Feb 21Class cancelled  
Feb 24Robby Findler talkContracts 
Feb 26State, CS none
Feb 28CEKS, garbage collection Mid-term exam
Mar 3Typed Arithmetic Course notes: exercises 11.1, 11.6
Mar 5Simply Typed ISWIM Course notes: exercises 12.1, 12.2
Mar 7Strong Normalization Course notes: exercises 12.3
Mar 10More typed lambda calculi Course notes: exercises 13.1-13.3
Mar 12Polymorphism Course notes: exercises 14.1
Mar 14Recursive and existential types none
Mar 17Spring Break  
Mar 19Spring Break  
Mar 21Spring Break  
Mar 24Type inference Course notes: exercises 15.1, 15.2
Mar 26MLtutorial, demoML
Mar 28Subtyping none
Mar 31Project Introsuggested papers 
Apr 2MiniJava part Iminijava.ss, red-sem.pltpick a paper and grammar
Apr 4Class cancelled  
Apr 7MiniJava part IIminijava-run.ss, minijava-test.ssimplement reduction rules
Apr 9Class cancelled  
Apr 11MiniJava part IIIminijava-check.ssimplement type checker
Apr 14Appointments  
Apr 16Appointments  
Apr 18Project wrap-upminijava-explore.ss 
Denotational semantics
Apr 21Denotational semanticsnotesLecture notes: exercise 4
Apr 23Domain theorynotes 

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