CS 6520 Schedule

DateTopicReferences and NotesHomework
Lambda calculus
Jan 11Lambda calculusGordon, through 2.3Homework 1
Jan 13RecursionGordon, 2.4-2.6Homework 2
Jan 18From call-by-name to call-by-valueLC SummaryHomework 3
Jan 20ISWIMFelleisen, Chapter 2Homework 4
Jan 25Standard reductionFelleisen, 2.5-3.1Homework 5
Machines, and modelling realistic languages
Jan 27CCFelleisen, 3.2.1, SchemeHomework 6
Feb 1SCC, CK, CEKFelleisen, 3.2.2-3.2.4, CC-CEK SummaryHomework 7
Feb 3class cancelled  
Feb 8SECD, Tail recusion, continuationsSECDHomework 8
Feb 10Errors and exceptionsFelleisen, 5.1-5.2Homework 9
Feb 15State, garbage collectionStore ISWIM, Felleisen, 6.1-6.2Homework 10
Feb 17CEKS, ConcurrencyCEKSHomework 11
Feb 22no class (Monday schedule)  
Intermezzo and review
Feb 24Combinators, mid-term review Mid-term
Proving properties of programs and languages
Feb 29Typed ArithmeticPierce, Chapter 6, ArithmeticHomework 12
Mar 2Simply-typed lambda calculusPierce, Chapters 7-8, Example ProofHomework 13
Mar 7More typed lambda calculiTyped LC, Pierce, Chapters 9Homework 14
Mar 9Polymorphism and MLPierce, Chapter 18, DemoHomework 15
Mar 21Type inferencePierce, Chapter 17Homework 16
Mar 23Recursive types, existential typesPierce, Chapters 15 and 19Homework 17
Object-oriented languages
Mar 28ObjectsAbadi and Cardelli, Sections 1 and 2Homework 18
Mar 30Typed objectsAbadi and Cardelli, Sections 3 and 4Homework 19
Apr 4Subtyping and ClassesAbadi and Cardelli, Section 4Homework 20
Apr 6Proof by structural inductionInduction ProofsHomework 21
Apr 11JavaClassicJavaHomework 22
Denotational semantics
Apr 13Denotational semanticsDenotational SemanticsHomework 23
Apr 18Domain theoryDomain TheoryHomework 24
Axiomatic semantics
Apr 20Axiomatic semanticsGordon, Chapters 1-3Homework 25
Final review
Apr 25Final review Final
Apr 27TBA  

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