Bump in the Night Episode List

The rating system is:
* - OK
** - Good
*** - Very Good
**** - Fantastic

Last Update: Fri May 3 10:20:53 CDT 1996

First Season

"Made in Japan" - **
Bumpy mails in a cereal box top for a free Turbo-Totro-Noid. A cute little robot arrives, disappointing bumpy. The robot eventually gets Squishy to help him get back to his family in Osaka.
"Dr. Coddle, M.D." - ***
Molly orders medical instruction books from the Easy-Does-It Doctor Correspondence Course. Bumpy eats the books and replaces them with home improvement manuals.
Karaoke Cafe: "You Gotta Say You're Sorry..." - **
Sung by Mr. Bumpy and Squishington (Blues)

"Gum Crazy" - ****
Bumpy tries to retrieve undigested bubblegum from his own stomach, resulting in fights with his own heart and brain. In the words of Squishy: "This is really twisted".
"Baby Snail" - **
Bumpy baby-sits a baby snail, while the Squishman looks for Mom.
Karaoke Cafe: "Why Do You Like Me?" - *
Sung by Mr. Bumpy and Squishington (Ballad)

"Hide and Go Freak" - ***
Bumpy and Squish teach Molly to play Hide and Go Freak. And vice-versa.
"Better Homes & Garbage" - ***
Squishington moves in with Bumpy for a few days, testing the limits of their friendship. Bumpy and Squishy hit the moral on the head. And vice-versa.
Karaoke Cafe: Bump in the Night Theme, alternate version - **
Sung by Mr. Bumpy

"Not of This Boy's Room" - ***
Bumpy gets abducted by space aliens, and he tries to help them take over the Earth.
"To Sleep Perchance to Burp" - **
The Boy can't get to sleep because the monster under the bed makes noise.
Karaoke Cafe: "Gotta Have It" - ***
Rapped by Mr. Bumpy

"Danger - Unexploded Squishington" - ***
Squishington's stomach is ticking. Clearly, Bumpy deduces, Squishy has eaten a bomb. Mr. Bumpy and Squishington try to get rid of it, or at least keep it from exploding.
"Loss of Face" - ****
Squshington tries to clean his face with a bathcloth, but his face rubs off. Then the bathcloth disappears. Bumpy helps Squishy reclaim his face.
Karaoke Cafe: "Find a New Neighborhood" - *
Sung by Squishington (Rock)

"Sock It To Me" - ***
Squishington helps Mr. Bumpy control his appetite for socks (using Squishy's 24-step program - twice as good as the 12-step program!).
"Comforting the Uncomfortable" - **
Molly tries to comfort the Closet Monster.
Karaoke Cafe: "You Need a Hug" - ****
Rapped by Molly Coddle

"Baby Jail" - *
Bumpy spends time with babys and learns to understand their hardships.
"Night of the Living Bread" - ***
Bumpy and Squishy save the world from an evil mutant slice of bread.
Karaoke Cafe: "Go Away and Don't Come Back" - ***
Sung by Squishington

"Party Poopers" - **** (double length)
Molly wants to be invited to a Cute Doll party. The cute dolls want to invite the monsters. Squishy can't wait but Bumpy doesn't want to go. It's standard sitcom material.
Karaoke Cafe: "School's Out" (Alice Cooper) - **
Sung by Mr. Bumpy

"A Sneeze in Time" - ***
Bumpy goes back in time to try to avoid offending Squishington.
Karaoke Cafe: "The Things You Make Me Want to Do" - **
Sung by Mr. Bumpy (Pop)
"Hocus Dopus" - ***
Bumpy tries to pull a rabbit out of a hat for Squishy.

"Adventures In Microbia" - ***
Squishy and Bumpy try to fight germs face to protoplasm, but a germ girl captures Squishington's heart.
"Not a Peep!" - ***
Destructo tries to keep Mr. Bumpy from making noise.
Karaoke Cafe: "Picking Up the Pieces When Your Whole World Falls Apart" - **
Sung by Molly Coddle (Country)

"Penny For Your Thoughts" - ***
A penny falls each time Mr. Bumpy thinks a thought.
"Farewell, 2 Arms" - **
Molly wants to be more powerful and less helpless. She becomes a different person as she rebuilds herself with powerful limbs.
Karaoke Cafe: "Socks - I Love Socks" - *
Sung by Mr. Bumpy, obviously

"I Dream of Silverfish" - ***
Bumpy and Squishy find a "genie" in a lamp. (Really its's just a bug named Phil Silverfish.) The genie requires relaxation before he can start granting wishes.
"Story Problems" - ****
Bumpy eats The Boy's homework, and then tries to redo it. It's tough going, but the answer was inside Mr. Bumpy all along.
Karaoke Cafe: "Good Golly Miss Molly (You Sweet Comfort Doll)"
Sung by Squishington (50's Rock)

"The Bowl of the Squishy Prince" - ***
Squishy, needing a boost in self-esteem, tries to find a princess who will kiss him. Can Princess Bumpilina turn Shuishy into a prince?
"All You Need is Glove" - **
Bumpy fights with a glove for a perfect left-foot sock. Classic slapstick.
Karaoke Cafe: "Don't Try This at Home" - *
Sung by Mr Bumpy (Rock)

Second Season

"Long Long Day" - *
Musical skit, set up by Destructo and the Closet Monster fighting over possesion of Mr. Bumpy. Sung by Bumpy, Squishington, Molly, Destructo, and the Closet Monster. (Ballad)
"Destructo's Flipside" - ****
Bumpy puts Destructo's battery in backwards. This reverses Destructo's ego, bringing out his gentle side.
Karaoke Cafe: "I'm Bigger than You" - ***
Sung by Mr. Bumpy and Destructo

"Love Stinks" - ***
Molly falls into a trashcan and attracts the affections of a stinkbug named Odiferous J. Stench. (Voice is Gilbert Gottfried?)
"Love's Labor Bumped" - ***
Destructo has a crush on Molly. Bumpy dresses up like Molly (sort of) and teases Destructo.
Karaoke Cafe: "Why Do You Like Me?"

"It Sang from Beyond the Stars" - *
Musical skit starring Gloog and Sleemoth as musical invaders.
"Journey to the Center of the Lungfish" - **
Bumpy, Squishington, and Molly are swallowed by a lungfish. Inside, they meet Captain Jetlag (a silverfish) who tries to help them sail out of the fish.
"Find a New Neighborhood"

"Auntie Matta" - ***
Bumpy's scary Aunt visits.
"Bumpy the Untrappable" - **
The Boy tries to trap Mr Bumpy.
Karaoke Cafe: "I Was Right and You Were Wrong" - ***
Sung by Mr. Bumpy and Squishington (Polka-ish)

"It Came from the Closet (And Wouldn't Leave)" - ****
The Closet Monster moves under the bed, unfortunately for Mr. Bumpy.
"All You Need is Glove"
Karaoke Cafe: Bump in the Night Theme, alternate version

"Not of This Boy's Room"
"Comfort Schmumfort" - ***
Aliens space aliens abduct Bumpy and Squish, leaving "harmless" Molly behind.
Karaoke Cafe: "Comfort Schmumfort" - **
Sung by Molly Coddle, with Mr. Bumpy and Squishington (Polka-ish)

"Bump and Roll" - **
Musical number?
"Night of the Living Bread"
Karaoke Cafe: "Making Music is Fun" - ***
Sung by Mr. Bumpy, Squishington, and Molly (Latin)

"I Got Needs" - *
Starts with invading Vikings, turns into musical number for Bumpy.
"Beauty and the Bump" - ****
Bumpy falls for an antique china doll under glass, who becomes the Princess in his fairy-tale dream.
Karaoke Cafe: "It's Mine" - ***
Sung by Mr. Bumpy (rhythm is the approaching-Bumpy's-home soundtrack)

"When the Music Starts" - *
Musical number for Squishington. (Rock)
"Loss of Face"
Karaoke Cafe: "Go Away and Don't Come Back"

"Neat and Clean" - ***
Begins as "Adventures in Microbia", then breaks into a song (Squishy, Molly, Destructo, Bumpy, Cute Dolls).
"Nothing but the Tooth" - ***
Bumpy's teeth turn on him.
Karaoke Cafe: "Picking Up the Pieces When Your Whole World Falls Apart"

"Water Way to Go" - ****
Squishington withers when the plumber turns off the water. Musical number for Bumpy, Squishington, and the Cute Dolls. (Soul)
"Cold Turkey" - ****
A frozen turkey comes to life and escapes from the freezer.
Karaoke Cafe: "I Live in the Procelain" - ****
Sung by Squishy (Reggae)

"Made In Japan"
"Made in Japan II" - **
Little robot e-mails himself to Squishy to escape destruction.
Karaoke Cafe: "What Goes Up Must Come Down" - ****
Sung by Mr. Bumpy and Albert Einstein (Hip Hop)

"Not a Leg to Stand On" - ***
Bumpy is accused of stealing Molly's feet.
"Hide and Go Freak"
Karaoke Cafe: "You Gotta Say You're Sorry..."

Christmas Special

"Twas the Night Before Bumpy" - **
Molly takes over as Christmas pageant director while Bumpy and Squishy infiltrate Santa's workshop.