Spatio-Temporal Aggregation Using Sketches

Yufei Tao, George Kollios, Jeffrey Considine,  Feifei Li and Dimitris Papdias

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Several spatio-temporal applications require the retrieval of summarized information about moving objects that lie in a query region during a query interval (e.g., the number of mobile users covered by a cell, traffic volume in a district, etc.). Existing solutions have the distinct counting problem: if an object remains in the query region for several timestamps during the query interval, it will be counted multiple times in the result. The paper solves this problem by integrating spatio-temporal indexes with sketches, traditionally used for approximate query processing. The proposed techniques can also be applied to reduce the space requirements of conventional spatiotemporal data and to mine spatio-temporal association rules.

Papers and Talks

1. Spatio-Temporal Aggregation Using Sketches, In Proceedings of 20th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE2004), Boston, MA, March 30 - April 2, 2004. 

   Conference version:   Talk:  (prepared by Feifei Li)

2. Spatio-Temporal Aggregation and Mining Using Sketches, Under preparation for journal submission.

    Preliminary draft:

Source Code

This code is developed in Visual Studio 6.0. So please make sure you get the correct environment to test it. It was developed by Yufei Tao. However, if you have specific questions regarding to the code, you may contact me.

Spatio-temporal aggregation using sketches [zip]

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