CS7941 Data Reading Group

Instructor: Feifei Li

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This class is the Data Group's weekly seminar. Eevery memeber of the class will present at least once during the semester, on a topic of his/her interest (with the consultation and approval from the instructor). Topics of interest include but not limited to: databases, systems, data management, data analytics, data mining, machine learning, algorithms, information retrieval.


08/23/15: Feifei will lead the first discussion.
08/23/15: Please sign up for the class mailing list at this link. The mailing list is datagroup@cs.utah.edu. Feel free to post your questions to this list.


Syllabus for the course in PDF format:


Not Required.


Lecture: Wed, 11:50 - 1:10pm, MEB 3147 (LCR).

Office hour: by appointment.

Weekly schedule can be found on the data group seminar page: Data Group Seminar Page

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Feifei Li