I have been married to my wife Alison since 1995 and have three children: Christian, Caleb and Melody.


       When not thinking about work, I enjoy reading and discussing history and philosophy.  This, in part, feeds my enjoyment of travel (it is always interesting to visit the places about which you have read).  The rest of my spare time is consumed with my two energetic boys and my daughter.

   Physical Challenges:

       In 2009 I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma complicated by amyloidosis. In the Fall of 2009 and Spring of 2010 I went through two bone marrow transplants under the care of Dr. Guido Tricot at Huntsman Cancer Hospital, University of Utah. Starting Aug 2011, I initiated "maintenance" chemotherapy, which was finalized in January 2012. As of today, I remain a (very grateful) cancer-survivor. I have started a blog - Rebooted - that describes some of what I experienced and some of what I have learned through it all. In the Fall 2016, I was in a near-death motorcycle accident in Wolf Creek Pass, and as of Spring 2017 I am (nearly) fully recovered. My children joke that, like a cat, I really do have nine lives.

Last Updated: 06/08/17