Sneha Kumar Kasera


Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, John and Marcia Price College of Engineering

Professor, Kahlert School of Computing

72 Central Campus Dr

1897 WEB

University of Utah 
Salt Lake City, UT 84112


Phone: (801) 581-5184
Email: kasera AT cs dot utah dot edu



I am leading the Advanced Networked Systems Research (ANSR) Lab that I founded in 2003.

My research interests include networks and systems - technologies, protocols and applications encompassing mobile and pervasive systems and wireless networks, security, privacy, and reliability, Internet of Things, crowdsourcing, dynamic spectrum access, network resource management, network measurements and models, and social network applications.


Recent Professional Activities

·       Program Co-chair – IEEE WoWMoM Symposium 2020

·       Program Co-chair – ACM WiSec Conference 2017

·       Program Co-chair – ACM MobiCom Conference 2015

·       Steering Committee Member - IEEE SECON, 2012 - 2018

·       Associate Editor - IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 2011 - 2015

·       Associate Editor - IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2009 - 2013

·       Program Co-chair – IEEE ICNP 2011

·       Program Co-chair – IEEE SECON 2011



Selected Papers

Complete List of Papers

Graduate Students


Current PhD Students

·      Ayaz Mahmud

·      Aarushi Sarbhai

·      J. Phillip Smith


Current MS Thesis Student

·      Gaurav Sharma


Past PhD Students

·      Arijit Banerjee (at Federated Wireless)

·      Aniqua Baset (at Aerospace Corporation)

·      Mojgan Khaledi

·      Jun Cheol Park (at Adobe)

·      Phil Lundrigan (faculty member at BYU)

·      Joe Novak (at Raytheon)

·      Sriram Premnath (at Qualcomm)

·      Matthew Probst (at Quantum Black)

·      Rob Ricci (faculty member at University of Utah)

·      Shamik Sarkar (postdoc at UCLA)

·      Junxing Zhang (faculty member at Inner Mongolia University, China)


Past MS Thesis Students

·      Pavithra Chidambaram (at Microsoft)

·      Michael Clark (at Riverside Research)

·      Anuj Dimri (at American Family Insurance)

·      Naveen D.S. (at Amazon)

·      Anneswa Ghosh (at Microsoft)

·      Suman Jana (faculty member at Columbia University)

·      Prarthana Lakshmane Gowda (at Cisco)

·      Manas Maheshwari (at Apple)

·      Shobhi Maheshwari (at Tableau)

·      Swaminathan Pichumani (at Google)

·      Siddharth Ramesh (at Microsoft)

·      Aakanksha Saha (at Microsoft)

·      Aarushi Sarbhai (PhD student at University of Utah)

·      Manav Seth (at Microsoft)

·      Harsimran Singh (at Microsoft)





Spring – CS 6490/5490: Network Security



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