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David M Johnson
   Research Associate and Software Engineer

Flux Research Group
School of Computing
University of Utah

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  Contact: johnsond@cs.utah.edu
office: 3490C Merrill Engineering Building
voice: +1 801-581-3045    fax: +1 801-585-3743
mail: 50 S. Central Campus Dr., Rm. 3190
         Salt Lake City, UT 84112

What I Do

I'm a software engineer in the Flux Research Group at the University of Utah, and I design and build cool, new software that many people use. My interests span many aspects of computer systems. Usually I'm happiest when hacking lower in the software stack. For instance, during a 3-year project we called A3, I built Stackdb, a C debugger library for the entire system stack (but especially for VMs) — and debugging tools, and security forensics and defense software built atop it. But I've worked in many areas of systems software: VMs and debugging, distributed systems, languages, networks, network management, security, and mobile sensor networks and embedded systems.


Here's the automatically-maintained list.


I like hacking: my dev hobbies tend to be whatever interesting software I'm working on at work. I do a lot of live audio engineering at my church, which is fun because I get to mix on top gear and a great PA, and learn about operating digital audio networks. I relax by reading, especially anthropology novels. I enjoy exploring remote areas, including ghost towns in the past. A few years ago, I took up road biking in the Wasatch mountains. At first I focused on time trialing my way up single canyons, but as I got into better shape I took on longer rides and more elevation. I have old GPS data and elevation plots here, but they're not current.

I've taken lots of pictures around Utah and on conference trips; view the gallery.