Hari Sundar

CS 3960: Parallel Programming

Assignment 1: LINPACK

You can create a private repository for this assignment via this link. You should push changes for any changes that you make to the code. Maintain branches as well if you are experimenting with different versions. It might be good to add a document recording your experiments and results to the repository as well. Use whatever format is convenient (latex, pdf, markdown, word, …)

The assignment should have provided you with a link to the HPL repository, but the link is provided just in case. As part of this assignment, you will build and experiment with the LINPACK benchmark and try to obtain the best performance.

  1. Build this on Kingspeak.
  2. Run it on 1,2,4 and 8 nodes of Kingspeak using the batch submission.
  3. Experiment with the number of threads.

Discuss linpack on slack.