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Welcome to the index for my published collection of GNU Emacs documents. For a list of other documents that I publish in the World Wide Web, please refer to my main index page.

Several of my add-on packages for GNU Emacs are available through the World Wide Web; each of these packages is briefly described below. Unless otherwise noted, each of these packages should be compatible with at least the few most recent revisions of all of the following editions of GNU Emacs:

All of the packages described below are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), which means that they are free software. You are free to redistribute and/or modify these software packages under the terms of the License. The License also describes that these packages are offered without any warranty, without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Bug reports are welcome and are eagerly accepted, however. I hope that you find the following packages to be useful to you.

Version 1.4 of December 22, 1994.
This file allows GNU Emacs to use longer, more descriptive names for its backup and auto-save files. These new names all start with periods, so Emacs' backup and auto-save files will be ``hidden'' from normal directory listings on UNIX systems.

Version 1.2 of July 27, 1994.
This file enhances the blink-paren package that is distributed as part of XEmacs and Lucid GNU Emacs. This file provides timeouts, messages for off-screen parenthesis matches, and other minor enhancements. This package works only in XEmacs and Lucid GNU Emacs.

Version 1.3 of September 1, 1994.
This file provides a complete suite of functions for examining and testing the version information within GNU Emacs --- a must for programmers who want to write Emacs Lisp code that works in several different ``flavors'' of GNU Emacs.

Last modified on September 23, 1993.
This file enhances the filladapt add-on package for GNU Emacs. In particular, fa-extras allows GNU Emacs to properly fill hanging paragraphs in a wider variety of circumstances. In addition, fa-extras makes filladapt compatible with GNU Emacs 19. (The file filladapt.el was written by Kyle Jones and is available from the Emacs Lisp Archive at Ohio State University.)

Version 1.5 of July 19, 2001.
This file provides the data that Font Lock Mode needs in order to decorate OMG IDL (a.k.a. CORBA IDL) files. The Font Lock patterns will match and highlight all of the OMG IDL keywords and types defined in the CORBA 2.4.2 specification. There are also patterns for highlighting operation names, attribute names, case clauses, and preprocessor directives.

Version 1.1 of July 29, 1994.
This file redefines the standard GNU Emacs functions message and error so that they save their output in a special log buffer. This log can be useful, for example, when an important message is overwritten in the echo area before you get a chance to read it.

Version 1.3 of November 18, 1994.
This package provides improved vertical scrolling commands for GNU Emacs. In a nutshell, these new scrolling commands leave point ``in place'' in the scrolled window, which means that scrolling actions are completely reversible. Try this package and you'll never go back to the standard scrolling commands!

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