The Ultimate Pics Page

We like to start practice with extremely short passes, but Jeff still has to lay out for Mike's tosses.

In this race between man and disc, who will be the winner?

[Hint: Both have about the same level of endurance.]

Disc Grace uses a throwing style that was first developed in the mountains of China to repel invaders.

Carolyn likes to pretend to be an fighter plane after throwing.

My God! Such power and grace all contained in one handsome package.

Arrayed together, it becomes clear why Disc Grace strikes fear into the other team's hearts.

Jeff demonstrates his patented pancake pass, followed by a cartwheel.

Jim can not only fake out defenders with a fake hammer toss, he fakes them out on the receiving end as well. Or is he just fetching the disc for a real player like me?

Looks great. So why did the pass hit the dirt?

After a quick blessing by the defender, Leigh gets up to make a pass.

I guess the race between man and disc was a tie. Notice Mike's legs already starting to buckle and give out.

Wow! - maybe all these shots should have been taken in black and white.