Beer Call

This is my favorite, and likely most successful beer call email during my tenure as UBC Computer Science Graduate Student Association Beer Czar. Enjoy.

Happy New Year, and happy new beer to my fellow grads!

Today's beer call will be at Koerner's on campus, 
so you've got no excuse not to show up.  

You might say "But Ben, I have a paper deadline coming up."
To that I say, screw it, come get a beer.  Seriously.

So, so you think you can tell
Lager from Ale,
Blue Buck from cream,
Can you tell a Pale Ale
From a cold Winter Ale
A brew from a fail?
Do you think you can tell?

Did they get you to trade
Your free time for books?
Hot dates for C?
Salary for degrees?
And nice weather for rain?
Did you exchange
A coding job in the world
For a stipend, RA?

How I wish, how I wish I had beer.
We're just 2 lost souls
drinking out of fish bowls,
year after year
Submitting the same paper.
What have we learned.
The same old jeers
Wish I had beer.