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Scribble as Preprocessor

Scribble as Preprocessor🔗

Matthew Flatt
and Eli Barzilay

The scribble/text and scribble/html languages act as “preprocessor” languages for generating text or HTML. These preprocessor languages use the same @ syntax as the main Scribble tool (see Scribble: The Racket Documentation Tool), but instead of working in terms of a document abstraction that can be rendered to text and HTML (and other formats), the preprocessor languages work in a way that is more specific to the target formats.

    1 Text Generation

      1.1 Writing Text Files

      1.2 Defining Functions and More

      1.3 Using Printouts

      1.4 Indentation in Preprocessed output

      1.5 Using External Files

      1.6 Text Generation Functions

    2 HTML Generation

      2.1 Generating HTML Strings

        2.1.1 Other HTML elements

      2.2 Generating XML Strings

      2.3 HTML Resources