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PLane  T:   Automatic Package Distribution

PLaneT: Automatic Package Distribution🔗

Jacob Matthews
and Robert Bruce Findler

This page is for legacy support of PLaneT, Racket’s deprecated, old package system. All new work should use the new Racket package system instead.

The PLaneT system is a method for automatically sharing code packages, both as libraries and as full applications, that gives every user of a PLaneT client the illusion of having a local copy of every code package on the server. It consists of the central PLaneT package repository, a server that holds all PLaneT packages, and the PLaneT client, built into Racket, which transparently interacts with the server on your behalf when necessary.

    1 Using PLaneT

      1.1 Finding a Package

      1.2 Shorthand Syntax

      1.3 Networking troubles

      1.4 Fine-Grained Control Over Package Imports

      1.5 Monitoring PLaneT’s progress

    2 The PLaneT Search Order

      2.1 Previous Linkage

      2.2 Acceptable Local Package

      2.3 Acceptable Remote Package

      2.4 Cached Installation Archive

    3 The raco planet Command-Line Tool

      3.1 create

      3.2 install

      3.3 remove

      3.4 show

      3.5 clearlinks

      3.6 fileinject

      3.7 link

      3.8 unlink

      3.9 fetch

      3.10 url

      3.11 open

      3.12 structure

      3.13 print

    4 The planet Language

    5 Utility Libraries

      5.1 Resolver

        5.1.1 Resolver file locking

      5.2 Client Configuration

      5.3 Package Archives

      5.4 Package Utils

      5.5 Package Version

      5.6 Macros and Syntax Objects

      5.7 Scribble Documentation

      5.8 Terse Status Updates

      5.9 The Cache File’s Path

    6 Developing Packages for PLaneT

      6.1 Write Your Package

        6.1.1 Development Links

      6.2 Prepare Your Distribution

        6.2.1 Arrange Files Into a Directory

        6.2.2 Create Documentation [Optional]

        6.2.3 Create an "info.rkt" File [Optional]

      6.3 Build a Distribution Archive

      6.4 Determine Your Package’s Backwards-Compatibility

      6.5 Submit Your Package