2 Racket Essentials🔗

This chapter provides a quick introduction to Racket as background for the rest of the guide. Readers with some Racket experience can safely skip to Built-In Datatypes.

    2.1 Simple Values

    2.2 Simple Definitions and Expressions

      2.2.1 Definitions

      2.2.2 An Aside on Indenting Code

      2.2.3 Identifiers

      2.2.4 Function Calls (Procedure Applications)

      2.2.5 Conditionals with if, and, or, and cond

      2.2.6 Function Calls, Again

      2.2.7 Anonymous Functions with lambda

      2.2.8 Local Binding with define, let, and let*

    2.3 Lists, Iteration, and Recursion

      2.3.1 Predefined List Loops

      2.3.2 List Iteration from Scratch

      2.3.3 Tail Recursion

      2.3.4 Recursion versus Iteration

    2.4 Pairs, Lists, and Racket Syntax

      2.4.1 Quoting Pairs and Symbols with quote

      2.4.2 Abbreviating quote with '

      2.4.3 Lists and Racket Syntax