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13 Attaching Documentation to Exports🔗

 (require syntax/docprovide) package: base

NOTE: This library is deprecated; use scribble/srcdoc, instead.


(provide-and-document doc-label-id doc-row ...)

doc-row = (section-string (name type-datum doc-string ...) ...)
  | (all-from prefix-id module-path doc-label-id)
  | (all-from-except prefix-id module-path doc-label-id id ...)
name = id
  | (local-name-id external-name-id)
A form that exports names and records documentation information.

The doc-label-id identifier is used as a key for accessing the documentation through lookup-documentation. The actual documentation is organized into “rows”, each with a section title.

A row has one of the following forms:


(lookup-documentation module-path-v    
  label-sym)  any
  module-path-v : module-path?
  label-sym : symbol?
Returns documentation for the specified module and label. The module-path-v argument is a quoted module path, like the argument to dynamic-require. The label-sym identifies a set of documentation using the symbol as a label identifier in provide-and-document.