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4.2.10 Version History🔗


(history clause ...+)

clause = #:added version-expr
  | #:changed version-expr content-expr
  version-expr : valid-version?
  content-expr : content?
Generates a block for version-history notes. The version refers to a package as determined by a defmodule or declare-exporting declaration within an enclosing section.

Normally, history should be used at the end of a defform, defproc, etc., entry, although it may also appear in a section that introduces a module (that has been added to a package). In the case of a changed entry, the content produced by content-expr should normally start with a capital letter and end with a period, but it can be a sentence fragment such as “Added a #:changed form.”

@defthing[tasty-burrito burrito?]{
  Compatible with the API of a sandwich, but not legally a
  sandwich in Massachusetts.
  @history[#:added "1.0"
           #:changed "1.1" "Refactored tortilla."
           #:changed "1.2" @elem{Now includes @emph{guacamole}.}]

Renders like:


tasty-burrito : burrito?

Compatible with the API of a sandwich, but not legally a sandwich in Massachusetts.

Added in version 1.0 of package scribble-lib.
Changed in version 1.1: Refactored tortilla.
Changed in version 1.2: Now includes guacamole.

Added in version 1.1 of package scribble-lib.