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4.1 Signature
make:  collection^
4.2 Unit
make:  collection@

4 Making Collections🔗

 (require make/collection) package: make


(make-collection collection-name    
  argv)  void?
  collection-name : any/c
  collection-files : (listof path-string?)
  argv : (or/c string? (vectorof string?))
Builds bytecode files for each file in collection-files, writing each to a "compiled" subdirectory and automatically managing dependencies. Supply '#("zo") as argv to compile all files. The collection-name argument is used only for printing status information.

Compilation is performed as with raco make (see raco: Racket Command-Line Tools).

4.1 Signature🔗

 (require make/collection-sig) package: make


make:collection^ : signature

Provides make-collection.

4.2 Unit🔗

 (require make/collection-unit) package: make

Imports make^, dynext:file^, and compiler^, and exports make:collection^.