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22.1 Graphics and GUIs
22.2 The Web Server
22.3 Using Foreign Libraries
22.4 And More

22 More Libraries🔗

This guide covers only the Racket language and libraries that are documented in The Racket Reference. The Racket distribution includes many additional libraries.

22.1 Graphics and GUIs🔗

Racket provides many libraries for graphics and graphical user interfaces (GUIs):

22.2 The Web Server🔗

the Web Applications in Racket documentation describes the Racket web server, which supports servlets implemented in Racket.

22.3 Using Foreign Libraries🔗

The Racket Foreign Interface describes tools for using Racket to access libraries that are normally used by C programs.

22.4 And More🔗

Racket Documentation lists documentation for other libraries, including libraries that are installed as packages. Run raco docs to find documentation for libraries that are installed on your system and specific to your user account.

Racket Package Catalog at https://pkgs.racket-lang.org offers even more downloadable packages contributed by Racketeers. The online Racket documentation includes documentation for packages in that catalog, updated daily. For more information about packages, see Package Management in Racket.

PLaneT serves packages that were developed using an older package system. Racket packages should use the newer system, instead.