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Graphics:   Legacy Library

Graphics: Legacy Library🔗

 (require graphics/graphics) package: htdp-lib

The viewport graphics library is a relatively simple toolbox of graphics commands. The library is not very powerful; it is intended as a simplified alternative to racket/gui’s full graphical toolbox.

The graphics library originated as SIXlib, a library of X Windows commands available within Chez Scheme at Rice University. The functionality of that library has been reproduced (with backward compatibility) in this version.

    1 Basic Commands

    2 Position Operations

    3 Color Operations

    4 Draw, Clear, and Flip Operations

      4.1 Viewports

      4.2 Pixels

      4.3 Lines

      4.4 Rectangles

      4.5 Ellipses

      4.6 Polygons

      4.7 Strings

      4.8 Pixmaps

    5 World Operations

    6 Miscellaneous Operations

    7 An Example

    8 A More Complicated Example

    9 Protecting Graphics Operations

    10 Mouse Operations

    11 Keyboard Operations

    12 Flushing

    13 Graphics Library as a Unit

      13.1 Signatures

      13.2 Unit with posn

      13.3 Unit without posn