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Expeditor:   Terminal Expression Editor

Expeditor: Terminal Expression Editor🔗

 (require expeditor) package: expeditor-lib

The expeditor (the expression editor) supports multi-line editing with indentation and completion support within a terminal. It’s based on Chez Scheme’s expression editor, but adapts to Racket languages using the same hooks and APIs as DrRacket. Normally, the expeditor is run automatically by xrepl, which is turn loaded by the racket command-line executable.

For customization of keybindings, see Customizing Expeditor. To disable or enable color in expeditor, you can use xrepl’s ,color command.

    1 Default Key Bindings

      Evaluation, Indentation, and Completion



      Deletion, Insertion, and Transposition

      Process Control

    2 Customizing Expeditor

      2.1 Key-Handling Functions

      2.2 Colors

      2.3 History Navigation

    3 Expeditor API