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4 Errortrace Library🔗

The errortrace/errortrace-lib module exports all of the exports of errortrace, plus a few more. It does not install any handlers.

The additional exports are as follows:


(errortrace-compile-handler stx 
  stx : any/c
  immediate-eval? : any/c
Compiles stx using the compilation handler that was active when the errortrace/errortrace-lib module was executed, but first instruments the code for Errortrace information. The code is instrumented only if
is the same as when the errortrace/errortrace-lib module was executed. This procedure is suitable for use as a compilation handler via current-compile.



  (-> any/c any/c compiled-expression)
Produces a compile handler that is like errortrace-compile-handler, except that the code that it produces is instrumented if the value of
is the same as when the original thunk is invoked.

In addition, when the thunk is invoked, it uses namespace-attach-module to attach the errortrace/errortrace-key module and the '#%kernel module to the current-namespace.


(errortrace-error-display-handler string    
  exn)  void?
  string : string?
  exn : exn?
Displays information about the exception; this procedure is suitable for use as an error display handler.


(errortrace-annotate stx)  any/c

  stx : any/c
Macro-expands and instruments the given top-level form. If the form reads as a module whose first subexpression is (void '#:errortrace-dont-annotate) or is a module whose name is errortrace-key, then no instrumentation is applied. See the signature element errortrace-annotate (of stacktrace/errortrace-annotate^) for more detail.

This annotation function is used by errortrace-compile-handler.

Changed in version 1.5 of package errortrace-lib: Generalized predicate for skippable modules to those using '#:errortrace-dont-annotate


(annotate-top stx phase-level)  any/c

  stx : any/c
  phase-level : exact-integer?
Like errortrace-annotate, but given an explicit phase level for stx; (namespace-base-phase) is typically the right value for the phase-level argument.

Unlike errortrace-annotate, there no special case for a module named errortrace-key or with '#:errortrace-dont-annotate. Also, if stx is a module declaration, it is not enriched with imports to explicitly load Errortrace run-time support.