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30.1 Arrows

30 Drawing Conveniences🔗

This section presents higher-level APIs that provide additional conveniences over the racket/draw API.

30.1 Arrows🔗

 (require racket/draw/arrow) package: draw-lib


(draw-arrow dc    
  [#:pen-width pen-width    
  #:arrow-head-size arrow-head-size    
  #:arrow-root-radius arrow-root-radius])  void?
  dc : (is-a?/c dc<%>)
  start-x : real?
  start-y : real?
  end-x : real?
  end-y : real?
  dx : real?
  dy : real?
  pen-width : (or/c real? #f) = #f
  arrow-head-size : real? = 8
  arrow-root-radius : real? = 2.5
Draws an arrow on dc from (start-x, start-y) to (end-x, end-y). (dx, dy) is the top-left location for drawing. If pen-width is #f, the current pen width is used.

Added in version 1.9 of package draw-lib.