Bug Reporting
help-desk:  report-bug
saved-bug-report-titles/  ids

Bug Reporting🔗

 (require help/bug-report) package: drracket

To report a Racket bug, please create a new issue here.

The help/bug-report library is provided for backward compatibility, but the server that it attempts to contact has been disabled, so no bug submissions through this interface will succeed.


(help-desk:report-bug [this-bug-id    
  #:frame-mixin frame-mixin])  void?
  this-bug-id : #f = (or/c #f exact-positive-integer?)
  frame-mixin : (make-mixin-contract frame%) = values
Opens a bug report window to edit the bug report identified by this-bug-id. If this-bug-id is #f, then creates a new bug ID and uses that one.

The frame-mixin argument is passed the frame class before creating the window.

Returns a list of the saved bug reports.

Deletes all of the saved bug reports, except those currently open in frames.


(unsave-bug-report bug-id)  void?

  bug-id : exact-positive-integer?
Deletes the saved bug report identified by bug-id.


(struct brinfo (title id)
    #:extra-constructor-name make-brinfo
  title : label-string?
  id : number?
A record representing a saved bug report. The id field is suitable for use with help-desk:report-bug, and the label field is suitable for use in a GUI control.